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Chika Nishiyama is a NY-based hairstylist.

At the age of 18 years old, Chika moved from her hometown of Ibaraki to Tokyo in order to explore a career as a hairdresser. She works for SHISEIDO company as an hair makeup artist for 10 years, she has built a large client base and continued her freelance styling work and technical seminar around the world, She decided to move to NY and branch out her imaginative style in the fashion industry. 



2016  Hokkaido designers congress, Grand Prix Award, 2015  Japan Hairdressing Award  Newcomer of the Year

2014  Japan Hairdressing Award  Newcomer of the Year.

2012  Japan Hair Desing Association Contest, 

          Hair cut category winner 1st.

2010 SHISEIDO Beauty Salon Technical Contest,

          Hair cut category winner 1st.

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